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Get Your Deck Inspected for Only $99!
Detailed Report Included.

An old or poorly built deck can kill you.
People die or get injured each year from
“Sudden Deck Collapse”.

Don’t Let this happen to you

Unqualified builders contribute to the devastating problem of “Sudden Deck Collapse”. Just Decks has never witnessed the collapse of a properly built deck. Hire the “Deck Collapse Prevention Team” of Just Decks. Choosing an unqualified builder can kill you. Even low level decks can cause catastrophic results.

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Just Decks Saves Lives

For several years, Just Decks has conducted free deck inspections in your community. This is done in an effort to prevent and raise awareness about the insidious phenomenon of “Sudden Deck Collapse”.
• Since 2000, over 40 people have died due to preventable deck collapse.
• There were 118 injuries in a single year. This ever increasing, under-reported hazard, knows no boundaries.
• Deck collapse can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Get your deck inspected by Just Decks
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Get Your Deck Inspected for Only $99!
Detailed report included.

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